Libraries and Media Center Storage

Aurora Library Shelving Various types of storage solutions are well suited to library and media center applications. Many libraries traditionally use cantilever shelving as it is believed to be more readily adjustable than other types.  Although cantilever offers shelving adjustability, it can be prone to sway and requires a larger footprint than Aurora 4-Post Shelving. […]

School Storage Requirements

School storage encompasses a variety of areas within facilities at K-12 schools.  The following chart provides an average of the typical square footage required for individual rooms in K-12 schools with student populations of 300-600.  Aurora can help to economize every bit of space to store more of everything at your school. Storage Estimates for […]

Library Solutions

Aurora Storage has great solutions for libraries even if they’re in strange places. For instance , check out this image from Northwestern University.  This is a former parking garage the university turned into archival storage for dissertations, theses and film. It’s outfitted with special climate control to preserve the books. Aurora Mobile Library Shelving helped […]