Libraries and Media Center Storage

4-Post Library Shelving

Aurora Library Shelving

Various types of storage solutions are well suited to library and media center applications. Many libraries traditionally use cantilever shelving as it is believed to be more readily adjustable than other types.  Although cantilever offers shelving adjustability, it can be prone to sway and requires a larger footprint than Aurora 4-Post Shelving.

Aurora Library Shelving also offers easy adjustability, but uses a smaller footprint which can save valuable space in libraries with limited areas or give greater room for expansion.  Specially reinforced end panels (left image) provide greater rigidity than cantilever and present a more finished look. 


4-Post Library Shelving Cantilever Shelving

Aurora 4-Post Library Shelving comes
standard with Finished End Panels

Cantilever Shelving has Unfinished End Panels


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