Industrial Storage Solutions

Aurora Storage Products industrial shelving is used for many types of unique storage, including parts, warehousing, distribution centers, process documentation, work orders, repair manuals, and supplies.

Our industrial shelving storage is rugged and built in the U.S. in our union shop. Assembly of our industrial storage products and shelving systems is easy, requiring no hardware, bolts, or nuts.  If your facility, shop, or distribution center requires space-efficient storage, Aurora industrial storage shelves and systems are the answer.

Effective Solutions for Any Industrial Facility

Organization and accessibility in any industrial setting start with the right type of storage. It is critical to have the square footage open for production, distribution, manufacturing, transport, and other business operations.

An industrial storage shelf system can open up a lot of floor space. In fact, shelving systems can even reduce the footprint of warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and stockrooms. Our storage solutions have been carefully engineered with the needs of industrial customers in mind, so, while addressing space concerns, our storage products can keep your inventory organized and secure.

We also offer even more space-efficient industrial storage solutions, with the opportunity to “mobilize” shelving systems. In doing so, you can store as much as 50% more equipment and supplies within the same square footage. That can leave more room for your operations or even allow you to scale down your facility while having the storage and space to continue running your business.

Aurora Storage Products serves a wide range of facilities. Our rugged, dependable, and space-saving shelving products and other storage solutions are used in:

  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Fulfillment & Distribution Centers
  • Repair Shops
  • Paint Shops
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Janitorial Facilities

Optimizing Storage: Aurora Makes It Simple

Integrating storage shelves into your industrial facility does not have to be complicated. The Quik-Lok shelving concept eliminates complexity from the equation. Created by Aurora, this design enables customers to assemble their shelf systems by hand, with no tools.

Braces or any other kind of hardware are not needed either for the metal shelving units. The shelves are modular, so you can customize the product to your needs, or we can design a system in custom widths and heights.

Disassembly is just as easy as putting the system together—your equipment storage can go wherever your industrial business does, or you can rearrange things with ease if more ways to optimize space are found or there are future renovations and upgrades.

Need additional security? No problem—our industrial storage equipment comes with a level of design flexibility that enables us to retrofit other solutions into existing Aurora shelving products. This includes divided drawers, filing drawers, retractable or sliding doors, a Quik-Door, or Quik-Roll. We also stock and integrate a range of bin dividers, sloped shelves, hanging racks, and other types of accessories, so industrial customers get more out of our adjustable shelving.

Unique Industrial Storage Solutions for Unique Businesses

Aurora Storage Products are perfect for storing parts, tools, and machine manuals and tech support documents. Production planning efforts are made simpler and more practical with the appropriate storage.

We can supply equipment storage units that keep your delivery and repair carts safe and out of the way, or your personal protection equipment organized. Janitorial equipment storage is ideal for supply rooms where space is at a premium. They enable you to access cleaning equipment and supplies without wasting valuable time searching through a heap of products. Rather, you can quickly pick them from the shelf and get to work.

Compact, Flexible Industrial Storage

Our Times-2 Industrial Cabinets take organizing industrial shelving storage to a new level. Stationary or mobile, these units offer maneuverability, thanks to lockable swivel casters. Their heavy-duty construction ensures the safe storage of tools, supplies, installation manuals, documents, project files, and binders. The added benefit is a dual storage system that rotates within the metal housing, which is operated by a hand release or foot pedal. The entire unit locks and individual security drawers with locks are also available for high ticket electronic items such as 2-way radios, tablets, volt meters and testers.

Standard heights are available in 10 options, ranging from 29½ to 92½ inches.  The mobile option on casters can be used for units up to 60-7/8” tall. making an equipment storage solution that can be moved about at will, giving your facility the perks of a vertical cabinet and ease of maneuverability We can add even more to this innovative system. In addition to customizing the industrial shelving cabinet with interior accessories, we can add rollout reference shelves to support equipment such as laptops.