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Aurora Storage industrial shelving is used for many types of unique storage including parts, warehousing, distribution centers, process documentation, work orders, repair manuals, and supplies. Our industrial shelving storage is rugged and built in the US in our union shop. Assembly of our industrial shelving storage is easy, requiring no hardware, bolt or nuts.  If your facility, shop, or distribution center requires space efficient storage, Aurora industrial storage shelves and systems are the answer.

A variety of accessories such as drawers, bins and lockable doors can be added to Aurora industrial shelving to organize and secure your items.   We can even ‘mobilize’ our industrial shelving to help you store 50% more in the same amount of floor space or to reduce the footprint of your current warehouse or stockroom.

Rugged and dependable Aurora Storage Products can be found in:

  • Manufacturing Facilities 
  • Warehouses 
  • Fulfillment & Distribution Centers 
  • Repair Shops 
  • Paint Shops 
  • Automotive Dealerships 
  • Janitorial

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Our Industrial Clients

  • Ace Hardware