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Law firms have special considerations for storage, which can include a variety of areas within the firm, from the reception desk and partner offices, to client records and more. Aurora Storage can create a space-efficient legal file and document storage system to eliminate the need for offsite archives, and keep critical documents confidential, accessible and in-house.

If aesthetics are a high priority to your firm, we have an elegant solution in Wood-Tek for legal libraries and private offices.

Storage Solutions for:

  • Reception Areas
  • Partner and Attorney Offices
  • Record Storage
  • Legal and Reference Libraries
  • War Preparation Rooms
  • Courtroom Exhibit Storage
  • Client Meeting Rooms

Your client’s confidential information is our highest priority, so we want to help you safeguard and properly archive it. With our wide range of storage solutions, any environment can be updated to organize and manage your legal files and documents. You value your clients, and they value you for the services you provide them. Let Aurora Storage Products help you , by creating an efficient legal file and document catalog with our premium shelving systems.

Legal References >

  • Duane Morris
  • Paul Hastings & Janofsky
  • Shook, Hardy & Bacon
  • Adams, Kleemeir, Hagan, Hannah & Fouts
  • Schwartz, Simon, Edelstein, Shellsoe
  • Riverside Court Of Appeals, CA
  • Nelson Mullins Law Firm
  • Smith Phillips Mitchell & Scott 
  • Grippo & Eldon
  • Post & Schell
  • American Fork Courts
  • U. S. Attorney’s Office California
  • La Salle County,  State’s Attorney  Office, Ottawa IL
  • Poder Judicial, Toluca, Mexico
  • Herbert Smith LLP, London, UK

Our Legal Clients

  • Circuit Court of Cook County Illinois
    Duane Morris
    Grippo & Elden
  • 23rd Judicial Circuit, Dekalb and Kendall
    Curcuit Court of Illinois, Thirteenth Judicial Circuit
    Nelson Mullins
    Paul Hastings
  • Poder Judicial Del Estado De Mexico
    Post & Schell
    California Courts
    Schwartz Simon Edelstein & Celso LLC
  • Shook, Hardy, & Bacon
    Smith Phillips