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Effective museum storage is an interesting and challenging design experience for the sheer variety of items and the special shelving systems required for these priceless objects. Museums have the responsibility to store, display, and archive everything from massive paleontological samples to taxidermy pieces, to small research specimens. Valuable manuscripts, fragile fine art paintings, and on-loan collections may require special security considerations as well.

Aurora has many secure storage systems such as space efficient Times-2 Cabinets, high-density Aurora Mobile, Art-Stor, or sturdy Quik-Lok Shelving. These systems can provide the security required along with advanced storage solutions for museum items including sensitive artifacts, artwork and general multimedia pieces. Our design experts can assess existing museum floor space and recommend the correct product to increase storage in the same amount of area. We are often able to increase storage by over 50%.

Aurora Storage Solutions for:tree-rings

  • History & Natural History Museums
  • Heritage Centers
  • Art Museums & Galleries
  • Design Museums
  • Children’s Museums
  • University Museums

We can store:museum3

  • Entomology specimens
  • Geologic samples
  • Biological & Zoological Samples
  • Botanical samples
  • Minerals & gem stones
  • Sculpture, Paintings, and Prints
  • Archeological Artifacts
  • Spanish Museo Amparo
  • Paleontological Samples
  • Laboratory Specimens
  • Dendrochronology Samples

Reference & Research Libraries
Researchers, scientists and students can greatly benefit from a well-organized museum library. Aurora Library Shelving can work to reduce the footprint required for book storage while adding space for additional volumes.

Whether using stationary or mobile storage shelving, Aurora systems are capable of handling high density library collections securely and safely. Our museum shelving systems are finished in a non-volatile powder coat that is artifact and document safe with no volatile chemicals or off gassing.

Chemical Heritage Foundation
Colorado State University, Avenir Museum of Design & Merchandising
JFK Presidential Library and Museum
Lincoln Library & Museum
Amparo Museum
Southern Ute Cultural Center
Smithsonian Institution
University of Arizona, National Tree Ring Laboratory & Museum


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Chemical Heritage

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Our Museum Storage Clients

  • Carbon County Historical Society Museum
    Chemical Heritage Foundation
    William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum
    Avenir Museum of Design and Merchandising
  • Education Mangement Corporation
    Illinois Institute of Technology
    JFK Presidential Library and Museum
    Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
  • Museo Amparo
    Southern UTE Cultural Center
    Tree Ring