Museum Storage Solutions

The museum market is both interesting and challenging for the sheer variety of items and the special shelving storage requirements for those priceless objects. Museums have to store, display, or archive everything, from massive paleontological samples to taxidermy, to small specimens. Valuable manuscripts, fragile paintings, and on-loan collections may require special security considerations as well.

Aurora has many secure storage systems, such as single and double door museum cabinets for general collections, herbarium cabinets, entomology cabinets and flat files. Additionally we have space-efficient Times-2 rotary storage, Aurora Mobile high-density storage, or sturdy Quik-Lok shelving. These systems can provide the security required, along with advanced storage solutions for museum items including sensitive artifacts, artwork, and general multimedia pieces.

Our design experts can assess existing museum floor space and recommend the correct product to increase storage in the same amount of area. We are often able to increase storage by over 50%.

Whatever your needs, Aurora Storage has a cabinetry solution that can help. Improve your museum storage capabilities and protect your collections with top-quality museum storage cabinets designed for a variety of specialized needs. Keep research collections safe from moisture and deterioration with sealed entomology cabinets or preserve museum plant species in properly manufactured herbarium cabinets and herbarium drying cabinets. Art and natural history museums can take advantage of our specialty flat file storage and textile storage solutions for lasting quality for collections.

Aurora Storage has already brought sturdy, efficient museum storage cabinets to a number of museum and research facility clients. Current customers include the Museo Amparo in Pueblo, Mexico, the University of Arizona’s Tree Ring Research Center in Tucson, AZ, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, PA, and the Morton Arboretum outside of Chicago, IL.

Add your museum or facility’s name to our list of satisfied customers with high-density storage and museum cabinets from Aurora Storage. Contact us today to learn more about our products and discuss how we can help improve your museum or facility’s storage space.