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Funeral Homes, Cemeteries, & Support Services

Aurora Storage Products has many solutions to help the funeral and cemetery service securely store documents, support material, and supplies in systems that can save 50% or more of floor space.

Our eco-friendly products are backed by a lifetime warranty and come in a variety of heights, depths, and widths in 32 beautiful powder coat colors.

Aurora Storage Products can store:

• Funeral arrangement files and death certificates
• Files for the purchase of cemetery plots, headstones, and monuments
• Memorial folders and cards
• Sales sample storage
• Keepsake and memorial boxes
• Cremation urns and vaults
• Grief support material
• Financial reports
• Binders and office supplies
• Hospitality supplies such as coffee, tea, cups, glasses, napkins, and serving platters
• Cleaning supplies
• Chemicals and surgical instruments

Aurora, finding the right storage solution for your unique needs.


Aurora Storage for Veterinary Centers >

Veterinary clinics provide medical, surgical, and preventative medicine for our family pets and frequently storage space is at a premium. 

Aurora can store so much more in less space:

  • Pet treatment records
  •  X-rays
  • Medicine
  • Bulk food
  • Staff uniforms