Times-2™ >

Times-2™ is a compact storage system which rotates for fast access from either side, and gives double the depth for more multimedia storage.

Unlike ordinary lateral files, the special rotary cabinet design takes space planning to a whole new level.

You can save space, divide space, and place Times-2™ where no ordinary lateral cabinet can go.

Times-2™ and the new Times-2 Elite with faceted, elegant design lines, provide more versatile storage than laterals.

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Quik-Lok® Shelving >

Aurora invented the Quik-Lok concept, a shelving design that assembles with no tools, braces or hardware. American-made Aurora Shelving comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is available in more standard sizes and styles than any other brand. We can also create custom sized-widths and heights giving you true design flexibility.

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Aurora Mobile >

Aurora offers mobile products to fill every type of need from high density filing to storage of library books, industrial parts, retail goods, art collections, museum specimens, and athletic equipment. An Aurora Mobile system saves valuable floor space, storing more in 50% less space than lateral files or shelving.

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Wood-Tek™ >

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Aurora Wire Shelving >