School Storage Requirements

Physical Education

School storage encompasses a variety of areas within facilities at K-12 schools.  The following chart provides an average of the typical square footage required for individual rooms in K-12 schools with student populations of 300-600.  Aurora can help to economize every bit of space to store more of everything at your school.

Storage Estimates for Schools

Library/Media Room

600-1000 sq ft

AV Storage

400 sq ft

Music Room (Instrument & Robe Storage)

200-1000 sq ft

Multipurpose Room Dining/Stage

250 sq ft

Administration Offices:  Central Storage

200 sq ft

Administration Offices:  Work Room

250 sq ft

Health Services

150 sq ft

Guidance Services

150 sq ft

Custodial (per closet)

100 sq ft

Food Services

600 sq ft

Science Lab

200 sq ft

Art Classroom

500 sq ft

Communication Technology (video arts)

800 sq ft

Classroom-Based/Teacher Workspace Storage

100 sq ft

Office Based Workspace

150 sq ft

Text Book Storage

400-600 sq ft

Physical Ed (general & equipment)

300-600 sq ft

Storage estimates are averages of several 8-12 schools with student populations of 300-600 students.

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