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Aurora Storage is your premier destination for everything storage and shelving. We supply a host of markets, including healthcare, education, libraries, legal, financial, schools, and state and local governments. Our product line consists of storage and shelving systems, including 4-post shelving, mobile shelving storage systems, business shelving, library shelving, commercial shelves, and rotary storage. Our commercial storage shelves, business shelves, and other systems are built with a high-quality fit and finish, making them durable and reliable for years to come.

Environmentally Friendly Storage and Shelving Products

Aurora storage and shelving units are made with eco-friendly recycled steel and are finished with a non-emissive power coating that is safe for the items being stored and the environment. Here at Aurora Storage Products, we value being environmentally sound in every aspect of business we conduct. We are members of the U.S. Green Building Council and manufacture in our Aurora, Illinois facility.

Pioneering Shelving for Storage

Aurora Storage has been a trailblazer in the world of shelving and storage for over 50 years. With a number of pioneering inventions under our belt, we represent the cutting-edge of office filing and commercial shelving. From our compact Times-2™ rotary cabinets, designed to maximize space, to our easy-to-assemble Quik-Lok system, we provide fresh approaches to age-old problems.

A Leader in Storage Shelving

Aurora’s versatile and innovative shelving storage solutions are ideal for any industry. From space-saving business shelving and advanced file shelving systems to state-of-the-art commercial storage shelves and secure healthcare storage units, we have the answers for any environment. Whether you need to shelve books, file papers, store valuable antiques, stow away uniforms, or secure weapons, Aurora Storage Products has you covered. Browse through our catalog to find office shelving units, commercial shelving units, and industry-specific shelves for storage.