Challenges & Codes

Every good storage system starts with a plan. Here are things to consider when planning:

  • Ceiling Height
  • Sprinkler Heads
  • Columns
  • Impediments



Structural Challenges

Structural challenges like this open trussing can be surmounted with creative design, sections of shorter shelving and uprights.


Why Ceiling Height is Important

Design of this mobile storage system had to contend with ceiling-mounted building systems and overhead sprinklers.

In order to comply with National Fire Protection Association codes shelving had to be 18” from sprinkler heads.


ADA Requirements

ADA requires mobile aisle widths to be 36”-42“. Handles or controls should be located no higher than 48” from floor.

Electric mobile systems with push button controls might be a good choice for an ADA-friendly system.


Don’t Waste That Space

Ordinarily wasted space under low windows can be used with interconnected rotary cabinets to handily store conference room supplies.


Seismic Hazards

Installing storage systems in seismic zones may require special anchoring of product or special rail in the case of high density mobile storage systems. The US Geological Survey (USGS) publishes seismic maps and regional data for structural and seismic engineers. It is important to obtain engineering assessment of any system in such a zone.

Seismic Design Maps and Tools for Buildings and Bridges

Documentation for the 2008 Update of the United States National Seismic Hazard Maps