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Expand your Sales Opportunities with Times-2 Rotary Cabinets

In these days of ever-growing electronic media and the paperless work place it is important for space planning professionals to refine our efforts in locating other applications that require storage and not just focus on filing.  As we all know, paper storage is on a downward trend and it’s essential for us to seek out other opportunities for storage. With 20 sizes and more than 20 accessories that can be added to both new and existing units, Times-2 Rotary Cabinets can meet and adapt to the needs of virtually any storage requirement.

Times-2 Storage in Office
Times-2 Storage in Office


When evaluating your client’s needs it’s important to look at every facet of their operation. If you review your client base, you will probably find that you are dealing with Education, Medical, Government and Corporate clients most of the time. With the versatility of Times-2 you can meet the varied needs of your clients whatever industry they’re in.


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Knowledge is Power:

The key to selling Times-2 is to know the product and understand the competitors’ strengths and weakness.  We’ve prepared a new Times-2 Competitive Comparison for your use; it has a quick summary chart and a features/benefits section that will help you sell this great cabinet.

If you have any further questions about Times-2 please call your regional sales manager who would be happy to help.

Click here for the Times-2 Competitive Comparison PDF that you can open or download.

2016 Rotary Cabinet Comparison