Building managers in the medical and healthcare fields have a lot of storage needs. From keeping medicine in cool, dry spaces, to having a safe place to file away patient records. Storage space is often limited, too. Potential space may only be reserved to one or two walls within the reach of active admins or scheduling clerks, or a small storage room within a hospital setting. Space and easy of access are precious commodities in a setting designed to optimize patient health and at times, even save lives.

Aurora has a long line of products that can significantly increase usable space and increase overall productivity. Aurora Wire Shelving is extremely versatile with a wide range of accessories and configurations that can optimize the storage space of hospital nurse’s stations, employee locker or break rooms, and medical supply storage rooms.

Times-2 Rotary Cabinets can doubly-increase your storage and filing capabilities, spinning easily to reveal two-sided storage perfect for pharmaceutical storage, keeping patient records safe, or to be used as office desking companions for personal items.

For more information on how Aurora Storage can help you store all the stuff you need, view our Healthcare Overview page.


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