School Storage Solutions

Anyone who’s ever worked in education can tell you all about the challenges of education storage and the unique problems it presents. Ideally, school storage should be efficient, well-organized and, most of all, accessible; after all, there’s no point in a storage system that cuts off access to supplies, data, or equipment to students and educators.

School facilities require thoughtful space planning for efficient and secure storage. Storage requirements can range from valuable textbooks, student records, library books, sheet music, janitorial supplies, and athletic equipment to everything in between. It’s not enough to simply install a few shelving units; most educational institutions require solutions that go above and beyond the basic.

Case Study: Waubonsee Community College Athletics Center

Then there’s the issue of security. Heightened security is needed for expensive equipment, electronics, and confidential student records, especially in schools with mixed use that extend hours of operation, sharing space with programs for the public such as daycare, elder care, and community use. With so many people coming and going, secure education storage must necessarily be one of the top priorities for colleges and universities.

Providing space-efficient secure storage can be a challenge; just ask the librarians at a famous Midwestern University. Their rapidly expanding library was running out of space, and the tightly packed urban environment surrounding the school meant that additional buildings or expansions were out of the question.

The Aurora Storage Mobile team worked with university staff and architects to design and construct a multi-height mobile shelving system which optimizes the usefulness of the allotted space while providing unparalleled security and accessibility to staff and students. Aurora Storage’s Low Profile mobile carriages move perfectly amid the overhead mechanical systems and exposed piping in the storage area, and the university has been overjoyed with their efficient storage solutions.

No matter how large or small your education storage problem, the professional team at Aurora Storage is here to work with you and create the best possible storage scenario for your space. Whether you need a full floor-track mobile shelving system or just a few school storage cabinets to keep inventoried supplies under lock and key, Aurora Storage has the solutions you need to get the job done right and stay organized.

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