Education Overview

School storage encompasses a variety of areas within facilities at both the K-12 and university levels. Each department can have unique requirements for different types of stored items. Browse our unique storage solutions.

  • Libraries & Media Centers
  • Administrative Officers
  • Nurses Office
  • Individual Teacher Offices
  • Textbook Storage Rooms
  • Janitorial Areas
  • Food Service and Prep Areas
  • Gym and Athletic Storage
  • Arts and Crafts Closets
  • Science Lab Supply Area
  • Tech and Shop Class
  • Maker Spaces for STEM/STEAM Programs

Why GREEN our Schools?

Green schools can provide an atmosphere more conducive to learning.

  • Healthier environment
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Quieter classrooms
  • Abundant natural light

Follow this link to see averages of the typical square footage required for individual rooms in K-12 schools with student populations of 300-600.  Aurora can help to economize every bit of space to store more of everything at your school.

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