Weapons Storage

Versatile, Interchangeable Components

Aurora Weapons Storage Accessories are modular and interchangeable, and feature:

  • Separate stock and barrel holders for long guns
  • Sloped stock shelves
  • Handgun brackets, with and without clip compartments
  • Brackets for mounting weapons and optics horizontally
  • Steel boxes for ammunition
  • Plastic totes brackets for general storage

Multiple Storage Solutions

All Weapons Components are designed to mount in Aurora Storage Systems for high density storage. When combined with shelves, drawers and security doors, these Weapons Accessories create a storage system that’s the ultimate in versatility. A customized weapons or military storage room can maximize productivity and decrease chances of security breaches and system flaws. Let us secure your agency’s most valuable items as you keep us secure.

times2 gun1 gun2
Weapons Storage Accessories installed in Times-2. This dual sided rotating cabinet stores up to 40 rifles or 198 handguns in no more than 12 square feet of floor space. Weapons Storage Accessories mount in free standing Aurora Shelving or Mobile Shelving to create a space efficient high density weapons storage system.