Handgun Bracket

Handgun Bracket holds a single handgun or banks of handguns in the following weapons capacities: 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 11. Available with compartment to store clips in the same capacities.

Handgun Bracket with Clip Compartment

Horizontal Bracket

Brackets hold two or three weapons or optics horizontally.

Plastic Tote Bracket & Clip

Mount tote to Back Panel with the Plastic Tote Bracket and Clip.

Steel Storage Box

Store ammunition, optics, or other small items in these steel boxes that are 3″ or 6″ wide.

Weapons Back Panel

Back Panels come in a variety of heights and widths and fi t in Aurora Shelving, Mobile or Times-2 to make a highly customizable weapons system. The unique design uses keyhole slots to
accept brackets and accessories.