Herbarium Drying Cabinet

The Aurora Herbarium Drying Cabinet is a desiccating device for plant material used in botanical research for natural history museums, higher education botany and organic chemistry departments, medical research centers, and pharmaceutical marijuana dispensaries.

Equipped with a 120 V/1000 W ceramic heater with independent fan, the vented Drying Cabinet reaches a maximum internal temperature of 120°F to ensure thorough and rapid drying of specimens.

The Herbarium Drying Cabinet features a locking compression handle to provide the tightest of seals and a non-off-gassing silicone gasket to protect your specimens.

  • Closed Cell Non-Off-Gassing Silicone Gasket with Memory Retention
  • Full Perimeter Reinforced Lift-Off Doors
    – Won’t Rattle, Flex or Warp
  • Standard Accessories:
    – Label Holder, Water Shield Top
    – Five Adjustable Vented Shelves
  • 31 Eco-friendly Beautiful Colors with no VOCs
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Herbarium Drying Cabinet