Museum Collections Cabinets

Aurora Storage has a full line of Museum Storage Cabinets for art and natural history museums and scientific research facilities. Our cabinets are second to none in fit and finish, quality, breadth, color selection, and accessories, and are suitable for all types of collections.

• Art Collections
• Artifacts
• Paleontology
• Zoology
• Corporate Archives
• Archeology
• Geology
• Entomology
• Botany

Aurora Collections Cabinets ensure the tightest of seals to protect your specimens from environmental damage. Our industry unique design features a locking compression handle standard on all cabinets to effectively compress the silicone door gasket at multiple points. Doors are heavy-duty with a full perimeter reinforcement – that means they won’t rattle, flex or warp over time.

But that’s just the start of the benefits…

Aurora Museum Storage Cabinet Features & Benefits