MJ Library Shelving from Aurora features accessory solutions for every library need.  Choose from…

  • Concealed Caster Carts
  • Multimedia Display Shelves
  • Display Systems
  • Tip-Up Periodical Cabinets
  • Newspaper Racks
  • Canopy Tops, Steel End Panels,
    Closed Backs
  • Zig-Zag Display Shelf
  • Hang Up Bags Racks
  • Column Extenders

  • Caster Carts
  • Sliding Door Cabinets
  • Single and Double Tier Browser Boxes for AV Media
  • Hinged and Fixed Periodical Units
  • Newspaper Racks
  • Hinged and Fixed Periodical Shelves
  • Slide out Reference Shelves

Caster Units

Concealed Caster Units

Browser Box

Tip-Up Periodical Cabinets

Zig Zag Display Shelf

Media Display