Case Studies


Amy Doyle is the Resource Director for The Erdman Co., a $300 million design- build division of Cogdell Spencer that specializes in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare projects. The company recently completed its new headquarters in Madison, Wis., which required Doyle to consolidate 20 small resource libraries into one user- friendly space. read more

Chicago Public Library

The Thomas Hughes Children’s Library on the second floor is over 18,000 square feet, and houses the largest collection of children’s books in the city. With over 120,000 volumes to store, the children’s library posed a challenge in the variety of media to accommodate. read more

Aurora West High

When Aurora West High School began its building expansion, the library staff turned to the experts at Aurora for product solutions and design advice. read more

Covenant Trust Company

Covenant Trust Company was slated to move from Chicago, Illinois, to a suburban location. Their storage needs were varied and included consideration for private offices, administrative areas, central records, and general office supplies. read more