Case Studies

Delta Airlines Corporate Headquarters

Delta Airlines’s Central Filing Department had lateral files that were functional, but just not doing the job. The staff needed an efficient and versatile storage system with greater capacity. However, in an effort to save money, it was mandatory that their top tab filing system be retained without conversion to another file style. Read More.

Fairview Dental Clinic

Of great concern was the adoption of a new filing storage system as a replacement for an out-modeled lateral mobile file system. The old filing system, located behind the reception area, contained exposed end tab files with no provision for locking or concealing the records from view. Staff members thought the antiquated system was noisy and inconvenient to use. Read More.

Covenant Trust Company

Covenant Trust Company was slated to move from Chicago, Illinois, to a suburban location. Their storage needs were varied and included consideration for private offices, administrative areas, central records, and general office supplies. Read More.