Space Planning

The Advantages of Times-2™

Times-2™ combines the advantages of both lateral and vertical cabinets into a unique rotating system that allows for greater versatility in space planning.

Times-2 storage solution gives you more storage capacity than lateral cabinets while taking up a fraction of the space and offers much more versatility than shelving units or vertical cabinets.

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Why settle for lateral files, when there’s Times-2?

One 7-Tier Times-2 Rotary Cabinet stores almost as much as three 4-Drawer Lateral Files and requires less space.

Times-2 Shelving Systems – More Storage. Less Space.

Times-2 features a unique rotating system that allows for easier access and more pleasing aesthetics.



More Storage Space

Ten 7-Tier Times-2


20 Standard Laterals


3,360 Filing Inches 3,200 Filing Inches

 More Work Space

T2-133t T2-133
190 square feet of extra space Standard Laterals