Choosing a Finish: What Color Best Fits Your Office?

You’ve decided to purchase new shelving and storage systems for your office, and you can’t wait to get your unruly files and supplies off your desk and in order—but have you decided which finish color to choose? Consider the following three aspects of design that could help you make a decision. […] Read more.

Take Control of Your Paperwork with These 7 Organization Steps

One of the most essential aspects to an efficiently running office is the type of filing system you have in place. Taking the time to take control of your paperwork and develop effective file storage solutions is vital to ensure everyone within the office is able to find paperwork when they require it, as well as know where to put […] Read more.

The Clutter Effect – Workspace Clutter Reduces Focus & Overall Productivity

Working in a cluttered space is not only distracting, but it can cut down on efficiency, too. How can you get work done when there’s a mess covering every surface of your work area? As it turns out, science has some pretty nifty answers to this all-too-common complaint.  […] Read more.

Expert Space Planning: How to Construct the Modern Work Environment

These days, space is an increasingly scarce resource. That’s particularly true in the business world, but also in a wide range of industries that are pressed for leg room. In the past few decades, offices have both downsized and restructured. Gone or going fast are the days of huge floor plans dotted with separate offices and covered with […] Read more.

[InfographicSteps to Choosing the Right Shelving Storage System

When picking out the proper storage unit or system for your office, it is important to decide on what will suit your needs in the best way. Aurora Storage offers several options that will fit whatever requirements you may have. From medical storage to filing, from size to aesthetic, finding the […] Read more.

[Infographic] 5 Questions To Ask When Deciding on Shelving

Whether you are redesigning your office or starting a new business, lots of thought goes into shelving. Whether you are in law, medicine, hospitality, or other industries that require storage, you will need to ask yourself a […] Read more. 

Aurora Storage Provides Durable Shelving Solutions with Exceptional Quality

At Aurora Storage, we strive to provide customers with the highest caliber of storage and shelving products. In addition to our Wide-Lok™ Wide Span Shelving, we also offer a variety of basic 4-post shelving, high density mobile systemsrotary cabinetswood-clad and […] Read more.

The Importance of Appropriate Storage and Shelving

No matter what industry or type of workplace you’re in, one of the most important aspects of business success is proper organization. The correct of storage and business shelving units can […] Read more.

Aurora Storage Serves the Shelving Needs of Many Markets

Our Quik-Lok® Shelving can be adapted to fit a wide range of applications. It has been successfully installed in schools and libraries, and healthcare facilities such as clinics and hospitals. What makes it so appealing is the […] Read more.

Innovative Storage Products 

Our product line consists of a wide range of solutions to meet your storage needs. Aside from basic versatility and security the available units are designed to address space constraints and provide easy assembly and installation in office, library, school, medical, and industrial settings. Used as […] Read more.